Why Vinyl Siding?
Are you thinking about painting or siding your home? Here are some commonly
asked questions and answers to help you decide:

Why would I want vinyl siding on my home?

      Vinyl siding looks terrific. It looks just like wood down to the
      grain.  Putting strong, durable vinyl siding on your home means that you
      will never ever paint your home again. And it comes in a wide variety
      of colors, textures and patterns.  Since vinyl siding is installed
      right over you existing exterior, it adds insulating properties and can
      signifigantly lower your utility costs. And with our wall system, you'll
      significantly increase both sound and thermal insulation properties and
      save money on heating and cooling costs!

Is it more expensive to install vinyl siding than it is to paint?

       Initially, yes. But you only install it once. You repaint every
       few years. Your vinyl siding will more than pay for itself over time
       in the money you'll save on repainting and on utility bills. And if you
       sell your home, vinyl siding can increase the selling price!

How long will vinyl siding last?

       Our manufacturers warrant their products for the entire lifetime function of
       the structure.

How can I determine who to trust to install my siding?

      Compare. Ask questions. Check with your local consumer reporting
      agency. Once you see how our products, prices, protection and people
      stack up in your favor - we're confident you'll agree - Dallas Home
      Exteriors is the only choice!

What are the most important condiderations?

      We believe there are two equally important considerations:

      - the quality of the installation -- at Dallas Home Exteriors we have the
        best installers in the  industry.

      - the warranty which indicates the manufacturers belief in their vinyl
         products -- the siding products we carry have the absolute best warranty
         protection in the industr